StarterHacks is a beginner-focused hackathon that works to foster collaboration, education, and inclusion.



Only those accepted to StarterHacks can participate.



Projects must be submitted by 3pm on Sunday.

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Best Design

Best Development

Best Pitch

Most Promising

Mentor's Choice

Best Use of Snap Kit

Use Snap Kit's web or mobile SDK in your hack. Each winning team member will receive a pair of Spectacles by Snapchat or another awesome prize.

Best use of Google Cloud Platform

Use Google Cloud Platform in your hack. Find a full list of GCP products & services at: Each winning team member will receive a Google Home Mini, max 4 per team.

Best Domain Registered with

Register a domain using during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit.

Best IoT Hack using a Qualcomm Device

Use a Qualcomm device, like the Dragonboard 410C, in your IoT project. Each winning team member will receive their own DragonBoard 410C.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Judging Criteria

  • Design Score
    How intuitive is the design? Is it easy to use? Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Technical Score
    Is the code/technical aspect properly fleshed out and explained? How relevant is the demo based on the problem?
  • Pitch Score
    How well did you sell your project? Did your project have a value proposition?
  • Overall Score
    Is the design, tech, and pitch cohesive and does it work well together?

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